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H2POLAND & NetZero Forum is the largest exhibition of decarbonization technologies. Innovations, solutions and services presented by exhibitors will include:

New to the Polish market with the development of hydrogen supply infrastructure options are Toyota's hydrogen-powered trucks. Toyota has more than 15 years' experience in this field. 95% of the trucks in the Toyota Material Handling range can be powered by hydrogen.
The hydrogen fuel cell technology presented is the most efficient forklift power solution available. It is well suited to single and multi-shift environments, easier to use and faster than battery charging.
TOYOTA's advisors will be happy to provide information on how hydrogen-powered forklifts can help you achieve your sustainability goals and increase productivity in the materials handling industry.

It is a pioneer in Poland and Europe and one of the world's first hydrogen heating devices for medium-scale applications, which uses hydrogen and pure oxygen in the combustion process. The combustion process takes place in a specially designed chamber, in a closed system and without access to atmospheric air. As a result, the device eliminates COx, NOx, SOx and dust emissions. The device is being developed for use in power-to-gas installations, increasing the share of RES in the structure of thermal energy generation.


FRAKOPOWER and FRAKOHOME hybrid energy storage uses the combined power of battery and hydrogen technology for efficient, more sustainable energy management. The solution makes it possible to become independent of expensive energy suppliers. It enables both short- and long-term energy storage: the hydrogen system is used for long-term accumulation, while the battery set is used for the daily cycle.


An innovative fuel-cell hydrogen-powered utility vehicle that boasts a range of up to 450 kilometers. This is a real, approved vehicle ready to show how the green future of transportation is becoming a reality today.


It is a system based on an alkaline electrolyzer, built with all the necessary equipment and controls in a containerized enclosure - ready to be connected to a RES plant and produce green hydrogen. However, this is not a model or visualization but a real device, used on a daily basis by Rockfin's R&D team to test the characteristics and dynamics of operation. 


Offering high-efficiency electrolyzers designed to produce green hydrogen. The units are customized to meet the individual needs of various industries and allow the use of surplus energy from renewable sources. The range includes anion-exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzers, starting with the EL 4.1 model with outputs as low as 2.4 kW. Also the Flex 120 system, which features flexible configurations with outputs from 70 to 480 kW. Selfa H2 also offers Nexus containerized electrolyzers, with an impressive 1 MW of power and a capacity of 450 kg of pure hydrogen per day. 


For green hydrogen production, SILICA develops and manufactures advanced, customized hydrogen purification systems that are ideally suited to the requirements of the respective electrolyzers. SILICA also offers the design and manufacture of other gas purification systems, such as biogas and natural gas conditioning and liquefaction, exhaust air purification and solvent recovery, up to complete turnkey installation of electrolysis plants.


The HDA4000 sensors can be used in hazardous areas and meet both ATEX and IECEx requirements. The same device also incorporates solutions to guarantee compliance with machine safety requirements according to EN13849 and 61508, and the sensors meet them at PL d and SIL 2 levels, respectively. Special attention has been paid to materials in direct contact with hydrogen, using steel with higher nickel content. HYDAC guarantees a very high indication accuracy of 0.25% over the entire range of operating conditions. This makes the sensors an ideal product for applications such as electrolyzers or hydrogen compression or distribution stations. 


The dispenser is designed exclusively for use with hydrogen and has a very high accuracy in measuring the dispensed weight. Dispensers are available for refueling vehicles at both 35 and 70 MPa, using infrared communication to ensure fast and safe vehicle refueling. The dispenser can be integrated with various payment systems via International Forecourt Standards (IFSF).

They are easy to install and do not require an additional underground heat exchanger to maintain temperature and can be placed next to gasoline and diesel dispensers, sharing refueling paths.


The rapid growth of the energy market is increasing interest in hydrogen technologies. Support offered by METROPOLIS includes assistance in obtaining subsidies for hydrogen projects, opening the door to green innovation. The company has already completed the first projects for hydrogen production or hydrogen refueling stations.


Maintaining proper hydrogen purity at refueling stations becomes possible with Swagelok® H2 sampling panels, designed in accordance with ASTM D7606 methodology. The panels allow for operation in systems with a maximum inlet pressure of 87.5 MPa and a gas sample pressure of up to 6.9 MPa, with venting or a closed loop (bypass) option. They are designed according to customer specifications and requirements, meeting all ISO 19880-1 guidelines.


An innovative hydrogen fueling system dedicated to gas and dual-fuel engines. Developed based on more than a decade of development work on hydrogen-fueled engines and years of experience in operating cogeneration hydrogen systems. The system is universal and can be used in any industrial reciprocating engine, both high-speed and medium-speed. The improved gas management system makes it possible to increase the efficiency of generating units by 5%.


DEHNplan is the BIM-enabled, Web-based software solution for lightning protection installers, planning engineers and engineering firms for the efficient planning of earthing systems and external lightning protection systems with DEHN products for simple buildings, such as residential, functional and industrial buildings.

The GEH2® hydrogen generator, equipped with the latest generation of Toyota fuel cells designed by our partner EODev and built at Eneria France's workshops in Montlhéry near Paris, meets the need for continuous or backup production of decarbonized electricity. Low noise emissions and the absence of any pollution make our GEH2® EODev hydrogen solution an ideal ally in the energy transition.


Eneria has partnered with TVP Solar to offer the highest quality thermal solar panels. TVP is a Swiss company that designs, develops and manufactures solar thermal panels based on the latest patented High-Vacuum Flat Panel (HVFP) technology.


Introducing EC-79 certified pipe fittings for use in hydrogen vehicles. EC-79 certified 6D series pipe fittings for systems up to 35 MPa and 20D series pipe fittings up to 70 MPa.

As a testament to the uniqueness of our solutions, Fitok is the only manufacturer in the world to use a specially developed grade of stainless steel.

This is 316L steel, with increased Ni content of 12-14%, Cr content of 17-18% and C content of 0.04-0.065%, which has better corrosion resistance, heat resistance and higher strength and prevents "hydrogen embrittlement" of the material.


Also on display will be a reliable and modular integrated system for hydrogen applications - FITOK Gas Control Panels. As an important part of the cell system in a hydrogen-based distributed energy system (DES), the main function of the gas control panels is to lower the hydrogen pressure to ensure a stable hydrogen supply to the fuel cells. DES has the advantages of high power reliability, low power transmission and distribution losses, low carbon emissions and environmental protection, low installation and maintenance costs.

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