CO2 capture and storage – CO2 a new currency


Carbon dioxide capture and storage is one way to fight climate change. Marek Foltynowicz, an expert of the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies, together with the invited guests, will consider this: What technologies are the best in this area, how to apply them? Who should we follow? Will CO2 become the new currency?

CO2 capture and storage – CO2 a new currency

17.05.2022 | 13:15-14:15

Carbon dioxide capture and storage is one way to fight climate change. Installations are installed to capture CO2 from gas emissions after production processes. Technologies that capture carbon dioxide directly from the air are also implemented. Capturing CO2 is not always possible at the point of CO2 emission, therefore emission fee mechanisms have been introduced, and free emission limit values are granted for using BAT – the best available technology. Some companies manage to reduce emissions below certain limits or simply capture CO2 and inject it underground. All of this is the basis of the rules for trading CO2 emission rights

During our debate, we will talk about whether and how this mechanism affects the economy? Can you earn money on such a process? We will get to know examples of practical applications and plans of Polish enterprises. During the debate, we will also touch upon the problems of geological conditions that enable CO2 injection.


Marek Foltynowicz - Expert, Hydrogen Technologies Cluster

The panel will be attended by:

  • dr Jan-Peter Born, Chairman of the ‘Residues’ Working Group of the Dutch Waste Treatment Association and Member of the CEWEP Working Group on Residues and the CEWEP Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee
  • Maciej Malicki, Business Development Manager, Large Industries at Air Liquide Polska Sp. z. o.
  • Helena Cygnar, Head of the Search and Concessions Office, LOTOS Petrobaltic S.A.
  • Jarosław Zacharski, Head of the Department of Regional Geology | Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute