DEBATA Global Hydrogen Impact


Global Hydrogen Impact

Poznan, MTP, PCC, level 2, Earth Hall

24.04.2024, 12:00-12:50 pm

The Global Hydrogen Impact panel is designed to raise awareness among all participants, regardless of their level of sophistication, of the fact that the hydrogen energy transition is already happening on a global scale. It is important to understand that despite local differences in approaches to hydrogen, such as demands for a Green Deal or actions towards its use, the lack of action or taking action often depends on local circumstances and perspectives. A key aspect is also the realisation that processes related to the inclusion of hydrogen in the energy transition are taking place globally in all markets of the world, with the exception of the deliberately excluded Russia.

It is worth noting that while some large economies are often associated with atmospheric CO2 emissions and described as not decarbonising, the reality is that countries such as China, the US, South American countries, the Middle East and Australia are manifesting the greatest decarbonisation dynamics. Nowadays, the need to decarbonise is a topic that is addressed in almost every aspect of society, resulting in industry work on projects, the emergence of regulations and the formation of new markets and supply chains. The aim of the panel is therefore to make all participants aware of the scale of these developments through a discussion with representatives of various hydrogen associations from around the world, as well as from our region.

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