Does green energy and hydrogen have to be expensive? - the answer will be sought by the participants of the session during H2POLAND & NetZero Forum


Does green energy and hydrogen have to be expensive?

In an EY report commissioned by the Polish Electricity Committee, the total cost of the energy transition by 2030 alone was estimated at at least PLN 600 billion. This compares with PLN 604 billion in state budget revenues in 2023.

Today, the cheapest energy, taking into account the cost of generation, construction, maintenance and source, is from coal ($80-100/MWh). From natural gas, energy production costs $100-110/MWh.

What needs to happen for the transition to green energy to be justified from an economic point of view as well?

Cost structure in green energy production. VAT, excise tax, taxes and fees IZE, cogeneration, power, distributor margin, transmission costs, the cost of purchasing electricity, green certificates, the auction system - is there a chance to increase the profitability of green energy production? How to finance green energy investments in times of high interest rates? PPAs - a recipe for success?

Session leader: Krzysztof Blaszczyk, TUV SUD