Hydrogen for local governments - Can hydrogen win elections?


The use of hydrogen at the local government level is not only a matter of its use in public transport or in city vehicles (garbage trucks, street sweepers), but also hydrogen can be an element of energy policy – energy storage and processing, heating. The zero-emission issues related to the ‘Fit for 55’ package and the departure from fossil fuels – also in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine – will force local governments to modify their approach to these issues.

 Hydrogen for local governments - Can hydrogen win elections?

18.05.2022 | 11:15-12:00

Are local governments ready to build new business models? What barriers – apart from the price of hydrogen and the price of hydrogen vehicles – do we define in the context of implementing a hydrogen economy at the local level? Is it possible to redefine the approach to the organisation of the transport system? Are we able to build local ‘eco-systems’ based on hydrogen technologies? And can local governments play the role of an ‘animator’ in creating a hydrogen economy?

We will be looking for answers to such questions during the ‘Hydrogen for local government’ panel. There will also be issues related to the use of hydrogen in the Polish rural areas, we will consider how to conduct an educational campaign for local communities to, on the one hand, define the inevitability of changes – no more using coal and how to look for motivational elements to implement the local hydrogen economy.


Tomasz Pelc, Nexus Consultants Sp. z o.o.

The panel will be attended by:

  • Jacek Bogusławski, Member of the Board of the Wielkopolska Province and Chairman of the Wielkopolska Hydrogen Platform
  • Piotr Korytkowski, President of the City of Konin
  • Katarzyna Gruszecka-Spychała, Deputy Mayor of the City of Gdynia
  • Józef Zajkowski, Head of the Sokoły Commune