Idea 3W partners with H2POLAND


Idea 3W is a globally unique concept that brings together scientists, the business world, leaders and visionaries to build a modern and sustainable economy based on water, hydrogen and coal. The 3W concept improves the quality of life through innovations in water resource management, the use of hydrogen in the energy transition, and the development of modern carbon technologies to create innovative materials and technologies. The synergy of resources and potentials is a strategic element of the 3W idea that guarantees competitiveness and is a way to commercialize projects faster.


In just over a year, Idea 3W is: more than 100 partner companies, leading Polish universities, the Lukasiewicz Research Network, experts on the 3W Council and an engaged community.

Join the 3W community of scientists, entrepreneurs and officials, as well as organizations that implement projects and create technologies in the areas of water, hydrogen and coal. Discover Idea 3W animations and understand why the future depends on water, hydrogen and elemental carbon.

A person in the "3W world" rarely goes shopping - after all, he has his own vegetables and fish straight from the aquaponic farm. He knows what a precious resource water is, so he uses smart purification on a daily basis, which allows him to use up to 10 times less water. He uses water from a backyard small retention system to water his lawn. He saves energy and uses renewable energy sources. He drives a hydrogen-battery car or a hydrogen bus to work. That's how he reduces CO2 emissions, and he checks his carbon footprint on the app on a regular basis. And while it might seem like science-fiction, some of these solutions can be implemented today....

Watch the animation "Man in a 3W World"

Water covers as much as 70% of the Earth. While this seems like a lot, only 1% is drinkable water. We often forget that the water that flows in the tap is not the only water we consume. Our water footprint is made up of both direct and indirect consumption - that is, water used in all stages of production of various items, including clothing, food and especially meat....

Watch an animation about water

Carbon in Idea 3W is the third W - next to water and hydrogen. Known and used since ancient times, today coal is associated with power plants, mines and global warming. However, its role does not end with power generation. After all, it comes in many forms that have different and very valuable physical properties, and we can modify it and get the best out of it....

Watch an animation about coal