Polish government opposes ban on registration of internal combustion vehicles after 2035.


A ban on the registration of new internal combustion cars after 2035, a gas and hydrogen package and electricity market reform were the main topics of ministerial discussions at the EU Energy Council meeting. The meeting, held in Brussels on March 28, 2023, was attended by Climate and Environment Minister Anna Moscow and Deputy Minister Adam Guibourgé-Czetwertyński.

At a meeting of the EU Energy Council, Poland voted against a ban on the registration of new combustion cars after 2035.

- This solution has nothing to do with a fair transition, but only with the individual goals of some countries. In our view, the market and societies, not EU coercion, should be the deciding factor in the choice of technology for the next decades - said the Minister of Climate and Environment.

Since the beginning of the negotiations, Poland has emphasized the principle of technological neutrality, which is to remain open to different technologies. This principle should also apply to powertrain solutions that will help reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector. In addition to the market and the public, vehicle manufacturers should also be able to choose the optimal technology for themselves.

- A revision of the regulation banning the registration of new combustion cars is planned for 2026. I am convinced that by then in the EU they will understand the absurdity of this decision and plans in this regard will be revised - Minister Anna Moskwa added.

During the deliberations, the minister expressed support for the gas package, concerning common rules for the internal markets for renewable gases, natural gas and hydrogen.

- The gas package being processed today stems from the exceptional situation of the war in Ukraine. We need solutions that reduce the risk of harmful actions by Russia in the EU gas market, while comprehensively strengthening EU security - said the head of the Climate and Environment Ministry.

The minister stressed that for many years Poland has been calling on the European arena not to treat Russia as a reliable partner, including in terms of dependence on Russian raw materials.

- We have been prepared as Poland to cut ourselves off from Russian raw materials for a long time. However, we cannot, as the EU as a whole, allow ourselves to become dependent on the Russian Federation to any extent in the future. Our actions for the coming months should focus on ensuring the energy security of the EU countries, while at the same time helping Ukraine in its fight against the Russian aggressor - she stressed.

On this occasion, the Minister of Climate and Environment recalled Poland's negative stance towards the entire "Fit for 55" package, setting unrealistic goals and ambitions and significantly affecting the energy mix of member states. In Poland's view, the package is largely being proceeded with on the wrong legal basis, which creates a dangerous precedent.