Polish Hydrogen Strategy in public consultations


Public consultations on the draft act amending the Energy Law and certain other acts have started in Poland.

The polish Ministry of Climate and Environment sent for public consultations a draft act amending the Energy Law and certain other acts (UD382).

The draft act is the implementation of the "Polish Hydrogen Strategy until 2030 with a perspective until 2040", which in its content indicated that it is important to create a stable regulatory environment. The amendment to the Energy Law is part of the legislative package called the "Constitution for Hydrogen", the main goal of which is to create a regulatory framework for the functioning of the hydrogen market, thanks to which it will be possible to develop the hydrogen economy in Poland.

Work on the draft act results from the analysis of the needs of the Polish energy market and the growing interest in hydrogen technologies in the world and the dissemination of their use. The need to regulate the hydrogen economy has been repeatedly reported by the stakeholders of the Polish market, including participating in the work of the "Sectoral Agreement for the Development of the Hydrogen Economy".

The cross-sectional changes contained in the bill assume, among others:

  • introducing a network of terms necessary for the development and functioning of the hydrogen market in Poland,
  • regulating the licensing rules for hydrogen-related activities,
  • designing the principles of operation of the hydrogen network system,
  • introducing systemic support mechanisms for conducting research and development activities for projects in the field of hydrogen technologies,
  • a simplification proposal for entities investing in the development of the hydrogen system.

The above changes are to result in legal stability for entities from the public and private sectors operating in the field of hydrogen and contribute to the full use of the potential of this energy carrier in the future.