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SBB ENERGY S.A. has been active in the energy and industrial sectors since 1992, providing services in the areas of commissioning, mechanical assembly, electrical and instrumentation installations and complex specialised work. In addition, SBB ENERGY S.A. provides a range of modern technologies in the area of flue gas cleaning.


Comprehensive commissioning of power units, optimisation of equipment and energy systems
Multi-discipline assembly and overhaul in the energy sector and industry
Start-up and optimisation of water and wastewater treatment plants
Chemical cleaning and pickling of plants and equipment in the energy sector and industry
Laboratory testing for the development of optimum technologies for ongoing chemical cleaning processes
Design, installation and commissioning in the field of electrical, control and instrumentation and automation, including the supply of equipment, switchgear and control systems in the energy sector and industry
Modernisation of power and industrial facilities in the field of flue gas desulphurisation and removal of other acid gaseous components, flue gas denitrification, reduction of mercury emissions.

Conversion of coal-fired boilers to biomass and gas.
In addition, SBB ENERGY S.A. is developing new business areas by introducing a range of technological solutions aimed at the decarbonisation of industry and the development of distributed energy. Its portfolio of services includes systems for the production, storage and processing of green hydrogen as well as battery-based energy storage in combination with PV farms and heat storage.


Equipment suppliers and installation companies operating in the energy and industrial sectors, utility and industrial power plants, combined heat and power (CHP) and district heating plants, industrial plants, design studios serving industry and the energy sector.


ISO 9001, SCC**2021, ISO 3834-2, PN-EN 1090-1