Swagelok Poland | Central Fluidsystems become a partner of H2POLAND


Swagelok Poland | Central Fluidsystems is an authorized sales and service center of Swagelok company, a global leader in fluid system solutions with a 75-year company history and considerable expertise. We serve our customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to meet demands on the highest performance, safety and reliability of their most critical fluid system applications.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology requires high-integrity fluid system components to fill and store hydrogen in cylinders and transfer it to the fuel cell on the vehicle.

Swagelok offers a wide range of fluid system components for use in many types of hydrogen related applications including the infrastructure that produces, transports, compresses, stores, and fills cylinders with hydrogen and for on-vehicle use.
Company help the growth of sustainable, green mobility in the following hydrogen applications: Electrolyzers, Micro-grids, Fuel Cells, Virtual pipelines (tube trailers), Refueling stations (infrastructure), FCEV fuel systems and Dispensers and priority panels.

Swagelok® Gas Panels
Save production line time and labor with pre-assembled panels designed to overcome the challenges of handling alternative fuels. Increase production, capacity, and safety. Swagelok® Gas Panels are engineered to your specifications.