The Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies and the Poznań International Fair together on the way to the energy of the future.


The development and advertising clean energy technologies are key elements of the ongoing energy transformation, which are also the statutory objectives of the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies. In 2022, the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies together with the Poznań International Fair organise a conference as part of the 1st Central European Hydrogen Technology Forum H2POLAND. The cluster is responsible for the substantive part, which focuses on economic and business matters.

The Polish Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies, managed by the Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Commerce, has been laying the foundations for the Polish hydrogen economy for the last 5 years. – Since 2017, we have been carrying out activities to promote domestic companies, we analyse global and European trends, help implement business strategies, build partnerships and facilitate the exchange of knowledge through conferences, seminars and EU projects for the Cluster and its members – explains Jarosław Filipczak, President of the Board of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Pomerania. The organization is known internationally thanks to many successful projects, including: NeptHyne, H2Global, the Pomeranian Hydrogen Valley and the PCHET hydrogen conference, which was held for the fourth time in October 2021.

Today, the Cluster consists of over 50 companies, including experts and entrepreneurs from various areas of zero-emission technologies, energy and engineering, scientific institutions, as well as provincial and local government authorities. – Poland is the fifth producer of hydrogen in the world. We have full know-how, complete supply chains and R&D resources. We are ready for hydrogen in the economy and society – adds Filipczak. The development of the hydrogen technology market and activities strengthening Poland's position among hydrogen producers are the common ambition of the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies and the Poznań International Fair.

During the substantive part of the H2POLAND Forum, organised by the Cluster of Hydrogen Technologiess, national and international experts will take the floor. The topics will focus on the following issues: CO2 storage and capture, decarbonisation of transport and TSL logistics, as well as the role of hydrogen in urban, rail and aviation transport. The program will include the latest market analyses, presentations of business models and hydrogen issues of particular interest to local governments. Hydrogen valleys and hubs will be another important issue.

The 1st Central European Hydrogen Technology Forum H2POLAND will be held on 17-18 May 2022 on MTP Poznań Expo fairgrounds.