The hydrogen economy is the future. SMM Legal is a legal partner of the H2Poland Forum.


Global climate change and the urgent need to activate alternative energy sources due to the war in Ukraine make it time to take a closer look at the possibilities of hydrogen. SMM Legal joins as a legal partner the 1st Central European Hydrogen Technology Forum H2POLAND. On 17-18 May 2022, together with Grupa MTP, we invite you to Poznań for the first trade fair dedicated to hydrogen technologies in Central and Eastern Europe.

− This event is our joint response to the need to popularise knowledge about solutions devoted to low and zero-emission economy − says Tomasz Kobierski, President of the Management Board of Grupa MTP.

The H2POLAND Forum is a project addressed to representatives of government administration, local government units, entrepreneurs, the science and business environment open to modern, environmentally friendly technologies. It is guided by the idea of inter-environmental cooperation for the fuller use of hydrogen investments in the near future.

During the two days of the meeting, SMM Legal experts will conduct debates and lectures for the participants of the event.

− This event is an important step on the way to the energy transformation of Poland − says Michał Tarka, Partner at SMM Legal responsible for the implementation of the energy transformation for the law firm’s clients. − The topic of alternative energy sources returns with a double force not only due to global climate changes, but also due to the economic and political situation. The war in Ukraine has accelerated the need to find an alternative to gas and coal from Russia − he adds. − During my debate, we will show that hydrogen can help to make Poland independent of raw materials from Russia − he concludes.


For the wide application of hydrogen technologies, not only appropriate infrastructure and financing are needed, but above all, a properly prepared legal framework, which is currently at the stage of creation. The SMM Legal team, as one of the precursors of the implementation of energy transformations, has a specialised department of energy law. Its representatives will show the participants of the Forum the current trends in EU and Polish legislation.

− We believe that hydrogen can be a fuel that will revolutionise the Polish and EU energy sectors. We want to not only present its potential to Polish entrepreneurs and local government officials, but also show them how they can find financial resources − says attorney Mateusz Stańczyk from SMM Legal, who during the Forum will show participants how to wisely finance the hydrogen economy from public funds in the perspective of future aid programmes.

− This is our next joint project with Grupa MTP − summarises the Managing Partner of SMM Legal, attorney Przemysław Maciak − This time we give entrepreneurs the opportunity to fully use the potential of a modern and climate neutral economy. Everyone − the economy, the environment and entrepreneurs − can benefit from this − he concludes.