Will Tesla produce a hydrogen model?


Elon Musk has expressed his interest in the hydrogen automobile industry and confirmed the impending Tesla hydrogen vehicle, which will obliterate all competitors the way Elon Musk likes to do it. Until recently, Tesla has been an EV-exclusive brand.

Tesla has successfully established itself as the leading producer of electric vehicles, a position it still proudly occupies today. Yet since hydrogen is the most prevalent chemical in the universe, Toyota, a major competitor of Tesla, saw that the best course of action was to create a whole new market that they would control rather than try to compete with Tesla in the EV space. The Toyota Mirai, often known as an FCEV, was the first production-level hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to be released in 2014.

The entire fuel cell approach has so much promise that, in the long term, hydrogen cars may displace conventional electric vehicles, according to automotive experts. If Tesla doesn’t have a backup plan, it may fall behind its top rivals.

Elon Musk, who has previously expressed his dislike for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, suddenly changed his tune and even slightly walked back some of his previous comments by announcing that Tesla had ambitions in the FCEV market.

The next Tesla hydrogen vehicle hasn’t been given any official information, but experts believe it will be built on the Model S or Model X platform and will have the company’s renowned modern styling and cutting-edge technology. A primary advantage of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles over conventional EVs is their superior range, performance, and rapid refueling periods. This vehicle is projected to offer all three.

When it comes to the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, Tesla and other automakers still have to overcome several obstacles. Since there are now very few hydrogen refueling stations available in the majority of countries, this is one of the largest obstacles. This limits the potential market for hydrogen vehicles and makes it challenging for drivers to go large distances. Notwithstanding these difficulties, customers and automakers alike continue to show increasing interest in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


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