Critical raw materials for energy transition and decarbonization - topic of session at H2POLAND & NetZero Forum


Critical raw materials for energy transition and decarbonization

Decarbonizing the economy requires fundamental changes in the way society supplies, transports and consumes energy. Moving away from the use of fossil fuels, must not be a process to deprive humanity of fuels, energy or reduce quality of life, but proceed in a planned, sustainable and safe manner. It is important to realize that such a transition will require a significant increase in production capacity or extraction in areas that have not previously been crucial.

New technologies for energy generation, transmission and storage, as well as the development of those already mature, will increase the demand for a number of raw materials now identified as critical. As part of the session, we want to introduce issues related to the CRM directive, challenges in the area of critical raw materials necessary for the energy transition.

- During the session, we also want to point out that raw material security requires a fundamental increase in the share of recycling technologies in critical raw material supply chains. The session will feature experts in the areas of critical raw materials extraction and applications, recycling and strategic security," noted Robert E. Przekop, Ph.D., D. Sc., Prof. UAM.

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