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From Water to Hydrogen: BLUE DEAL as the future of green energy

Faced with the global challenges of climate change and the growing demand for clean energy, the panel "From Water to Hydrogen: Blue Deal as the Future of Green Energy" focuses on the role of water and hydrogen in the energy transition. The panel will explore how the use of water resources and innovations in hydrogen technology can support sustainable development and the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Main Discussion Points:

Water as a Source of Hydrogen:

- A discussion of methods for producing hydrogen from water, including water electrolysis.

- Analysis of the challenges and opportunities associated with using water resources to produce hydrogen.


Water and Hydrogen in Green Energy:

- The importance of hydrogen as an energy carrier in the green economy.

- Discussion on the integration of hydrogen-based systems into existing energy infrastructure.


Environmental Aspects and Sustainability:

- Environmental and biodiversity impacts of hydrogen technologies in terms of water management and climate change.

- Discussion on the possibilities of sustainable use of water resources in the context of hydrogen production.

Technological Innovations and Challenges:

- Presentation of the latest innovations in water treatment and optimization of water use for hydrogen production

- Discussing the technical and economic challenges of the growing hydrogen market in terms of limited water resources

Policy and International Cooperation:

- The role of national and international policies in promoting sustainable hydrogen energy.

- The importance of international cooperation in achieving Blue Deal goals.


The panel aims to provide a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices in the use of water and hydrogen in sustainable energy. It also aims to identify opportunities, challenges and create awareness about the importance of Blue Deal for the future of green energy. The discussion aims to inspire participants to seek new and innovative solutions that can contribute to sustainable development and conservation of our water resources while realizing the potential of hydrogen.


The panel is aimed at a wide audience, including energy industry representatives, policy makers, environmental experts, scientists, as well as investors and entrepreneurs interested in a sustainable energy future. It is also an ideal opportunity for those who want to understand how innovations in water and hydrogen can affect the planet's energy future, and what steps can be taken to promote sustainability in this area.

The aim of the panel is to develop concrete recommendations and strategies that will support the development of hydrogen technologies and the efficient use of water resources in the context of green energy. It is expected that the resulting discussion from the panel will contribute to a better understanding of the opportunities offered by the combination of water and hydrogen resources, as well as help identify key areas for further research and investment. The panel also aims to raise awareness of the Blue Deal's role in the future of green energy and sustainable development.



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