"How to create a hydrogen market in Poland?" - watch the debate from H2POLAND 2023


"How to create a hydrogen market in Poland?" - is the question at the heart of the experts' conversation during the H2POLAND 2023 debate, and we invite you to watch it.

Many factors can be a catalyst for the development of hydrogen investments - this was discussed by participants in another debate on the first day of the H2POLAND Forum, entitled "How to create a hydrogen market in Poland?". As Maciej Przybyła, Managing Director of the Strategy Division at BGK, said, hydrogen as a fuel of the future will determine the world's energy security.

- It has been two years since we set up the 3W initiative - water, hydrogen, coal. We believe that these resources of the future have a magical synergy, that they interact with each other - said Maciej Przybyła, who believes that Poland still lacks a platform for cooperation between the worlds of science, business and the public sector, which would allow faster and more efficient use of resources and new technologies.

- Our strategy needs to be updated to some extent, taking into account the changing international environment, e.g. the war in Ukraine, as the key to hydrogenisation of the economy will be industry - said Szymon Byliński, Director of the Department of Electromobility and Hydrogen Management at the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

- It is important to remember that we are introducing hydrogen primarily to reduce CO2 emissions. Hydrogen is aimed at transport and industry. Fuel producers must meet national reduction targets, but this requires the need for technologies on the basis of which these emissions can be reduced - added Prof. Andrzej Kulczycki of the Department of Propellants and Lubricants at the Air Force Institute of Technology.

- Many hydrogen projects are before the funding phase, although there is funding available at the moment for, among other things, the use of hydrogen in transport. The more the technology comes into use, the more financial institutions will seek to support them - Joanna Smolik, Director of the Strategic Relations Department at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, summarised the discussion.