Hydrogen buses will soon appear on the streets of Poznań


The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management positively considered the application of the City of Poznań for a subsidy for the purchase of hydrogen buses. It will be the largest such fleet in Poland.

Applications for funding under the priority programme “Green public transport” (Phase I) were being collected on January 4-8, 2021. The aim of the programme conducted by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management is to avoid air pollutant emissions by co-financing projects aimed at reducing the use of emission fuels in transport. 

As part of the non-refundable co-financing or loan, it was possible to apply for purchases or leases for:

  • electric buses (up to 80% co-financing)
  • electric hydrogen buses (up to 90% co-financing)
  • trolleybuses (up to 80% co-financing)
  • as part of rolling stock purchases, you can also obtain funding for the training of drivers and mechanics in the operation of zero-emission vehicles
  • modernisation and/or construction of infrastructure allowing for the servicing and proper use of the purchased/leased vehicles, including, in particular, hydrogen charging or refuelling points with the accompanying infrastructure or overhead contact line necessary for their operation (up to 50% co-financing)

Applications for financing hydrogen vehicles were submitted by the cities of Poznań, Włocławek and Chełm. In turn, the Tri-City applied for hydrogen trolleybuses.

Poznań received a subsidy for the purchase of 25 hydrogen buses. “68 million zlotys in subsidies stands for almost 73 percent of the entire cost of the purchase that Poznań will have to make. Soon, I hope, Poznań will be the most modern city in terms of transport in Poland”, said Jadwiga Emilewicz, a Law and Justice MP.

The success of the investment depends on additional costs and the creation of appropriate infrastructure.

We wrote about the works of PKN ORLEN on the construction of the first hydrogen refuelling stations in Poland HERE