Hydrogen Technology Cluster and Regional Chamber of Commerce of Pomerania substantive partners of the Forum



The First Cluster of Hydrogen Technologies in Poland has been operating since 2017 and is coordinated by the Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce.

The Cluster's mission is to initiate activities aimed at increasing the significance of hydrogen technologies and clean energy technologies.

They conduct operations to promote domestic companies, analyze global and European trends.

They assist in implementing business strategies, building partnerships, and facilitating knowledge exchange through conferences, seminars, and EU projects for the Cluster and its member companies.

Today, the Cluster comprises over 50 member companies, including entrepreneurs from various zero-emission technology, energy, or engineering sectors, scientific institutions, as well as regional and local authorities.

In 2018, the first conference dedicated to hydrogen technologies took place. It was the first step towards popularizing hydrogen in Poland by presenting a wide range of possible applications of hydrogen technologies in the economy.

By organizing the annual PCHET hydrogen conference, the Chamber reaches key industrial sectors responsible for and interested in decarbonization. It facilitates the opportunity to interact with experts and industry leaders.

The Regional Chamber of Commerce of Pomerania, together with the companies affiliated with the Cluster, is building a multidimensional cooperation platform that promotes the effective connection and utilization of entities' potential for the development of hydrogen technologies.