"It is bloody ambitious - how to achieve the goals?". - transcript of the debate at the H2POLAND 2023 Forum


Watch an extremely interesting debate from the H2POLAND 2023 Forum - 'It is bloody ambitious - how to achieve the goals? The role of cross-sectoral cooperation in creating a hydrogen economy?". The unusual title of the debate referred to a speech made by Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President for European Green Deal at the European Commission, during EU Hydrogen Week 2022.

- Infrastructure influences social acceptance, but local initiatives can be created. It is a guarantee of success that the local community supports all undertakings that serve them - says Szczepan Ruman, President of Świętokrzyska Grupa Przemysłowa INDUSTRIA S.A., which operates as part of Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. Capital Group.

- We have introduced a hydrogen academy this year, which is extremely popular. A large number of eager students have applied. It is a new course that has been very popular with the public - adds Józef Węgrecki, Member of the Management Board for Operations, PKN ORLEN S.A.

- Hydrogen is firstly for the deep decarbonisation of industry, secondly for transport and thirdly for energy storage. Hydrogen is an energy vector that will play an important role, while we need to be agnostic and let innovation and companies work. So let's focus on maximising volume - explains Piotr Kus, CEO at ENTSOG - European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas.

- Toyota Motor Corporation has been interested in hydrogen technology since the 1990s, until it finally recognised it as a target medium - and not just for transport applications. For there is a multitude of possible applications here - reports Cezary Kaczmarczyk, Regional Director External, Legal & Corporate Affairs at Toyota Central Europe - Poland.

- We, as a developer and operator of wind and photovoltaic farms, have decided to develop the company and move into the green hydrogen side. We are currently building a plant for our partners that will only use green energy. So to begin with, we are designing what we can implement, including in transport - explains Robert Adamczewski, Head of Development at European Energy - Poland.

The debate is summarised by a joint presentation by Piotr Woźny, President of the Management Board of ZE PAK SA, and Maciej Koński, Project Manager at Grupa Polsatie and ZE PAK SA, responsible for the hydrogen projects of this consortium. They talk about how the road towards zero-carbon and green energy production is progressing. They talk about the innovative solutions used by ZE PAK SA, and analyse ways to make the hydrogen market in Poland even more effective.