Join us for the session "Offshore integration into the hydrogen market: challenges and opportunities"



The offshore energy sector is undergoing a transformation, becoming a key element in the growing hydrogen market. The panel "Integrating Offshore into the Hydrogen Market: Challenges and Opportunities" aims to explore this dynamic relationship, examining both the obstacles and potential benefits of synergizing the two sectors.

Main Discussion Points

Technology and Innovation:

- A discussion of emerging technologies in the use of offshore hydrogen production.

- Review of innovative projects and case studies combining wind energy with hydrogen production.


Regulatory and Environmental Challenges:

- Analysis of legal and environmental regulations affecting the development of offshore-hydrogen projects.

- A discussion on sustainability and minimizing impacts on the marine environment.


Economics and Financing:

- Consideration of the economics of offshore-hydrogen integration, including costs and ROI.

- Discussion of financing and investment opportunities for offshore-hydrogen projects.


Market Opportunities and Development:

- An overview of potential markets for offshore produced hydrogen.

- Strategies for increasing the share of hydrogen in the energy mix and achieving climate goals.


International Cooperation and Policy:

- A discussion of the importance of international cooperation and government policies to the development of the sector.

- The impact of global renewable energy trends on the hydrogen market.


The panel aims not only to highlight the challenges, but also to identify the opportunities presented by the integration of offshore into the hydrogen market. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange experiences, views and best practices, which is expected to contribute to the development of effective strategies and innovative solutions in this fast-growing field.


The panel is aimed at a wide audience, including energy industry representatives, policy makers, researchers, investors, as well as anyone interested in the future of hydrogen and offshore energy. Participation in the panel will provide attendees with a unique perspective on the combination of these two important energy sectors and provide a better understanding of their development directions.


The discussion is expected to help identify key areas for collaboration, identify research and technology needs, and develop recommendations for policy and business practice. The panel aims to create a platform for the effective exchange of knowledge and ideas that can drive further development of offshore integration with the hydrogen market, supporting global sustainable development goals.








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