Please join us for the session "Hydrogen in Practice: The New Horizon of Electrolyzers and Fuel Cells"



Hydrogen in practice: New horizon for electrolyzers and fuel cells

With the growing demand for sustainable energy sources, the panel "Hydrogen in practice: new challenges and opportunities for electrolyzers and fuel cells" focuses on the future of hydrogen technologies. The discussion aims to explore current trends, innovations and challenges facing the electrolyzer and fuel cell industry, which are key components in the production and use of hydrogen.

Main Discussion Points:

Technological Innovations:
- Discussion of recent advances in electrolyzers and fuel cells.

- Analysis of the impact of new technologies on the efficiency and cost of hydrogen production.


Challenges and Solutions:
- Discussion of current technical, operational and economic challenges in the industry.

- Consideration of potential solutions and strategies to overcome these challenges.


Sustainability and Environmental Aspects:
- The importance of electrolyzers and fuel cells in achieving sustainability goals.

- The impact of hydrogen technologies in reducing emissions and protecting the environment.


Market Prospects and Growth Potential:
- Analysis of current market trends and growth forecasts for the electrolyzer and fuel cell sector.

- Discussion of new market opportunities and commercial applications.


Policy and Regulation:
- Discussion of the impact of energy policy and regulation on the development of hydrogen technologies.

- Impact of international agreements and initiatives on the industry.


The purpose of the panel is not only to highlight the challenges, but also to identify the opportunities presented by the development of electrolyzers and fuel cells. Participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, which will contribute to understanding the current state of the technology, as well as identifying future directions for development and investment.

This panel is aimed at a wide audience, including engineers, scientists, industry representatives, policy makers, as well as investors and entrepreneurs interested in the future of hydrogen technology. It is an ideal platform for those who want to understand current trends and future prospects in the field of electrolyzers and fuel cells.

The panel is expected to contribute to a deeper understanding of key technological, economic and environmental aspects related to electrolyzers and fuel cells. The discussion also aims to develop recommendations and strategies that will support the innovative development and implementation of these technologies, thereby contributing to the achievement of global sustainable development goals.




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