Silesian-Małopolska Hydrogen Valley has been established


January 31, 2022 at the Silesian Museum in Katowice on the initiative of Industrial Development Agency S.A. the Silesian-Małopolska Hydrogen Valley was established. The event was attended, among others, by Ireneusz Zyska, Secretary of State, Government Plenipotentiary for Renewable Energy Sources, Voivodes of Silesia and Lesser Poland, people associated with the business, scientific and local government communities of both regions. Industrial Development Agency S.A. was represented by vice-president Paweł Kolczyński.

The creation of the Silesian-Małopolska Hydrogen Valley is not only the implementation of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy, published in December last year, but also a significant step towards innovation and decarbonisation of the Polish economy.

- The role of hydrogen in the economy, and especially its potential to decarbonise industry, heating and transport, are growing. Including hydrogen technologies in the state's development policy, their improvement, competence building and the creation of Polish export products is a strategic challenge and requires an approach based on the supply chain. Shortening the distance between supply and demand centers, integrating sectors, finding business partners and optimizing processes and costs are the concrete opportunities that we gain by creating hydrogen valleys, says Deputy Minister Ireneusz Zyska.

- It is a very significant event for Małopolska. The Hydrogen Valley, which will connect Silesia with Małopolska, will become a supra-regional place for launching specific projects within the hydrogen economy. These are new industry horizons and a completely new quality. The Polish government is betting on such innovative projects. Hydrogen can be widely used in energy, heating, industry and transport, which is extremely important from the perspective of Małopolska. I would like to thank everyone who is consistently working on the implementation of the Polish Hydrogen Strategy. This is our common cause. I declare full support for the functioning and development of the Silesian-Małopolska Water Valley. Today it becomes a fact. It will certainly be a broad platform for constructive cooperation between our two regions, allowing us to use our economic and scientific potential - says Łukasz Kmita, Voivode of Małopolska.

- According to the Polish Hydrogen Strategy, hydrogen may play a key role in the process of achieving climate neutrality. I am glad that it is here, in the region that is particularly affected by the energy transformation, that one of the hydrogen valleys is being created. I believe that this is an important step towards the implementation of specific projects in the field of hydrogen economy, and that innovative investment projects will contribute to the further development of our voivodeship - explains Jarosław Wieczorek, the Silesian voivode.

- It is very important for us to provide as much green energy as possible to investors in the field of modern technologies, whom we encourage to locate enterprises in special economic zones managed by us. We are also interested in investments in the development of innovative energy generation technologies, because our capital group includes companies that produce emission-free means of transport - emphasizes Cezariusz Lesisz, president of IDA S.A.

The founding members of the Śląsko-Małopolska Dolina Wodorowa are people associated with the business, scientific and local government communities of both regions.

- The aim of the association is to support the development of the hydrogen economy and to strive to build a branch of the Silesian-Malopolska hydrogen industry, including one based on the production of hydrogen in the electrolysis process using energy produced from renewable energy installations and its use in energy, including heat, transport, infrastructure and industry - says Paweł Kolczyński, vice president of ARP SA

Works related to the creation of the Śląsko-Małopolska Dolina Wodorowa are coordinated by the Katowice branch of ARP. The branch also runs the newly created nationwide hydrogen portal, where you can find information on, inter alia, development of the hydrogen valleys in the country.