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Hydrogen Valleys Summit
24 April 2024

Poznań, MTP, PCC, Earth Hall B, hours 13:20-15:30


The Hydrogen Valleys Summit is organised by the Wielkopolska Region and Hydrogen Europe to disseminate the Hydrogen Valleys concept and share best practices and experiences mainly from European regions.


Two sessions:

  • From regional to European hydrogen ecosystem - the role of the regions in championing EU Hydrogen Valley success
  • H2 Valleys in Europe and Beyond – what we can learn from each other?

Hydrogen Valleys Summit 2024:

- Deepening the understanding of the concept and potential of hydrogen valleys

- Solutions at European, regional, local level for the development of hydrogen valleys

- Political and administrative framework, financial support, infrastructure needs

- Different perspectives of European regions and beyond

- Best practices, success stories and key challenges for hydrogen valley projects

Hydrogen is increasingly envisioned as a strong contender for decarbonising some of Europe’s hardest-to-abate sectors and the establishment of a Hydrogen Valley offers the potential to develop and scale a regional clean hydrogen network from the bottom up. Hydrogen Valleys are mainly large scale projects that showcase the hydrogen ecosystem locally by bringing together all the elements of hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and end-use in a single place. They have been on the top of the agenda for the European Commission, demonstrated by allocating 200 M EUR from the REPowerEU to these projects, in addition to the funding already available in the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. In 2023, there were already 65 Hydrogen Valleys in Europe. But what exactly is a Hydrogen Valley and how can they be realised? At this H2Poland Hydrogen Valleys Summit, we will explore the expectations for Valleys in Europe, what initiatives exist today, and how to best support their implementation, in order for them to play a vital role in building Europe’s clean hydrogen ecosystem.

Join us at the Hydrogen Valleys Summit in Poznań on 24 April, where we will meet to discuss how to support the development and deployment of regional ecosystems across Europe and strengthen the critical inter-regional connections needed to build a European hydrogen economy.


Hydrogen Valleys Summit is organised in the framework of H2Poland & NetZero Forum.

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